Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The NHL Playoffs

The playoffs in any sport is a big deal and no ther playoffs are like the NHL playoffs. The Quest for the Cup, as some call it, has had a huge fan support every year and this year is no different. The only difference this year is that games are now on more than ever. Between Versus and NBC, the NHL's two TV partners, have made NHL history with their introduction of their playoff schedule. Between the two networks, there will be at least one game on at least one of the stations every day until the champion is crowned. For me, this is really, really nice of the networks to give all this airtime to the NHL so die hard fans like myself can get their hockey fix every single day. Playoff hockey is something different. The intensity, the atmosphere, the beards. It's all just beautiful. If you get the chance to go to a playoff hockey game, the experience is one unlike any other. If you think that there are lots of people watching it at home, you should see the arenas. Playoff tickets in the NHL are very hard to get and you always get a packed house, usually draped in the home team's colors. Versus has the most coverage right now, but once the playoffs reach the conference finals, expect more games to be seen nationally on NBC. You know that the Finals will be on NBC, which has done a good job the pat three years with the finals. One week of the playoffs has past so far, but i can guarantee that there will be a lot more games in the next month. Here's to the playoffs!

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